Publication overview

The publication overview below was taken directly from my Google Scholar profile on 07 August 2022. Clicking the value in the ‘Citations’ column will redirect you to the article entry. This entry provides you with additional details, including a succinct description of the research. The value in the ‘Citations’ column also includes citations of previous versions of the article (e.g. citations of a discussion paper which was later published in a peer-reviewed journal).

Title Authors Source Year Citations
Peer-reviewed Publications
Is labour market discrimination against ethnic minorities better explained by taste or statistics? A systematic review of the empirical evidence L Lippens, S Baert, A Ghekiere, PP Verhaeghe, E Derous Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2022 14
Ethnic discrimination on paper: Uncovering realtors’ willingness to discriminate with mystery mails A Ghekiere, L Lippens, S Baert, PP Verhaeghe Applied Economics Letters 2022 0
The COVID-19 crisis and telework: A research survey on experiences, expectations and hopes E Moens, L Lippens, P Sterkens, J Weytjens, S Baert The European Journal of Health Economics 2021 216
How do employees think the COVID-19 crisis will affect their careers? L Lippens, E Moens, P Sterkens, J Weytjens, S Baert PLOS ONE
[16 (5), e0246899]
2021 103
Loss aversion in taste-based employee discrimination: Evidence from a choice experiment L Lippens, S Baert, E Derous Economics Letters
2021 1
Discussion Papers
The state of hiring discrimination: A meta-analysis of (almost) all recent correspondence experiments L Lippens, S Vermeiren, S Baert IZA Discussion Paper 2021 8
Master's Thesis
Short form of the Wilde Intelligenztest: Psychometric qualities and utility of a 12-minute intelligence test for personnel selection L Lippens Ghent University 2015 5
Welzijn op het werk in Vlaanderen (SUGAW6) S Baert, E Clays, E Derous, K du Bois, L Lippens, S Mertens, B Neyt, ... Ghent University 2022 0
Inactiviteit onder migranten in België (SUGAW5) S Baert, E Derous, B George, L Lippens, G Van Hoye, B Neyt, S Van Hoof Ghent University 2022 0
Inactiviteit in Europa en de Belgische gewesten (SUGAW4) S Baert, L Lippens Ghent University 2022 0
Nulmeting discriminatie op de Antwerpse arbeidsmarkt: rapportering S Baert, A Dalle, L Lippens, L Malfait, A Sharipova Ghent University 2021 0
Discriminatie op de Gentse arbeidsmarkt anno 2021: rapportering S Baert, A Dalle, L Lippens, L Malfait Ghent University 2021 0

Reviewer duties

In addition to conducting my research, I have also reviewed the work of some of my peers. I have served as a reviewer for the Journal of Labor Economics (1), Work and Occupations (1), Social Science & Medicine (1), Social Forces (1), Journal of Sociology (1), PLOS ONE (2), International Migration Review (1), Social Policy and Society (1), Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (1), International Journal of Manpower (1), and Economics Bulletin (2).

Online profiles

You can find more detailed, up-to-date information about my research via my Google Scholar, ResearchGate or ORCID profiles. According to the former source, the publications I have (co-)authored have been cited 347 times.

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